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I save a few selected screen images using CopyFromScreen in bmp or png files listed serially like img001.png, img002.png, etc. Can I make an mp4 or avi (no sound in it) from those saved screen pictures? I do not want to continuously record the screen - only some selected stages in calculations. I am not looking for a software program. I guess this can hopefully be done in a few lines of code. Thanks.

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I have checked a lot of pages which address related issues. There are software packages which do this but that does not interest me. I want to learn to do it in if possible - preferably in just a few lines of code (which does not have to be idiot-proof because my own program will create the *.png or *.bmp files.)
Updated 27-Jul-21 5:22am

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No, not in a few lines of code!
Creating a video from image frames isn't a job for a beginner - even using a framework like AForge which can (apparently) do it. This may help you get started: c# - Image sequence to video stream? - Stack Overflow[^] But you'd probably be better off with an existing app to do it like FFMPEG: Create a Video From Images With ffmpeg - deparkes[^]
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VBeginner.NET 27-Jul-21 12:07pm    
That raises the obvious question: Why hasn't Microsoft thought of providing this facility so that the programmer can do this in one line? Even without compression plain avi file would be fine.
OriginalGriff 27-Jul-21 12:33pm    
Why on Earth would they? How often do you think developers need to do that? :laugh:
Dave Kreskowiak 27-Jul-21 12:39pm    
Probably because of the MASSIVE number of configuration and encoding options that encompasses the imaging and video worlds.
OriginalGriff 27-Jul-21 12:50pm    
And changing quickly, as well. H264 is rapidly becoming obsolete due to H265 - it's a better format, but legacy devices don't support it.
[no name] 27-Jul-21 13:59pm    
At 32+ FPS (frames per second), that's a lot of "still" images. Not a lot of demand. The closest thing to your requirement is a "slideshow", which you can do yourself by timing a series of image / picture box displays.
For that matter, once your slideshow is running, you can use screen capture to create a video (e.g. MS Expression Encoder - Screen Capture)

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