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I am comparing the source and target dataset (9000 rows, 14 columns) and highlighting the difference using below code. here using apply method I am calling the function. but the problem is, highlighting difference works till some rows, after that rows are not getting highlight differences. Not sure what is the limitation or am I missing something here?

Note: I am not sure how to attach the dataset file with this question but I am using sample csv with 9000 rows,14 columns from

example here in first record, its highlighting the difference,but after ID 4144 its not getting highlighted

What I have tried:

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
from IPython.display import display, HTML

src = pd.read_csv('mysrc.csv')
tar = pd.read_csv('mytar.csv')
def highlight_diff(data, color='yellow'):
    attr = 'background-color: {}'.format(color)
    other = data.xs('Source', axis='columns', level=-1)
    return pd.DataFrame(np.where(, level=0), attr, ''),
                        index=data.index, columns=data.columns)
df_all = pd.concat([src.set_index('id'), tar.set_index('id')], 
                   axis='columns', keys=['Source', 'Target'])
df_final = df_all.swaplevel(axis='columns')[src.columns[1:]]
caption_styles = {
    'props':[('font-weight', 'bold'),('margin-bottom','25px'),('font-size','25px')]
select_styles = {  # for row hover use <tr> instead of <td>
    'selector': '',
    'props': [('border-collapse', 'collapse'),('margin', '100px auto')]

table_styles = {  # for row hover use <tr> instead of <td>
    'selector': 'table',
    'props': [('border-collapse', 'collapse'),('margin', '100px auto')]

tbody_styles = {  # for row hover use <tr> instead of <td>
    'selector': 'tbody',
    'props': [('border', '1px solid #A2DBFA')]
td_styles = {  # for row hover use <tr> instead of <td>
    'selector': 'td',
    'props': [('border', '1px solid #A2DBFA'),('padding','1em'),('border-bottom','2px solid #A2DBFA')]
th_styles = {  # for row hover use <tr> instead of <td>
    'selector': 'th',
    'props': [('border', '1px solid #A2DBFA'),('padding','1em'),('background-color','#39A2DB'),('border-bottom','2px solid #A2DBFA')]
df_out =[caption_styles,select_styles,table_styles, tbody_styles,td_styles, th_styles]).set_caption("Test Case 1").apply(highlight_diff, axis=None)
Updated 28-Jul-21 21:47pm

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