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I am trying to create a command-line batch file that I can deploy to remote machines that set Google chrome as the default PDF viewer. As Microsoft Edge is currently malfunctioning.

What I have tried:

Currently, I am unsure of what tools that I could potentially use.
Richard MacCutchan 4-Aug-21 4:36am    
I do not think you can do it with a batch file. There may be some way via the Shell interfaces but that would need a compiled program. And any change you make can easily be overridden by the user.
Shemar Forsythe 4-Aug-21 10:53am    
I figured I tried utilizing registry key entry changes however that did not work either as modifying keys to have chrome as default, the computer would still open edge. Note: basic users have no access to change settings. The reason I would want a batch file is that I manage several hundred computers on a network. I need a method that I can use for wide spread changes.
Richard MacCutchan 4-Aug-21 11:37am    
Sorry I do not know the answer. The only information I can find is to set it via Control Panel. If you can find the CP plugin that does it there may be some way to fix it. You will need to do some research in MSDN.

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