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I am accepting an image from the user via a streamlit interface. However, I need to crop the image based on certain values. The image is being accepted correctlyThis is my current code to accept the image and pass it to another function where I crop it:

uploaded_image = st.file_uploader("Choose an Image File", type=['jpg', 'jpeg', 'png'])
if uploaded_image is not None:
    with open(, "wb") as img:        
    im_name =".")[0]         
    with st.spinner("Processing......."):
        text = azure_result(im_name, uploaded_image)

Here's the part of the function where I encounter an error, bbox has valid values.

def azure_result(image_name, image):
    img =
    img2 = img.crop((bbox[-1][0], bbox[-1][1], bbox[-1][4], bbox[-1][5]))

The error: File "C:\Repos/frai-main\", line 156, in azure_result img2 = image.crop((bbox[-1][0], bbox[-1][1], bbox[-1][4], bbox[-1][5])) AttributeError: 'UploadedFile' object has no attribute 'crop'

How do I successfully crop the passed image? I'm open to using any alternative to PIL as well.

What I have tried:

Tried using PIL to crop 'image' directly, same error as with using .open() and 'img'.
Updated 4-Aug-21 2:37am
Richard MacCutchan 4-Aug-21 9:20am
The message is clearly telling you that the img object does not have a crop method. So check exactly what is returned from the call to

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