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Now, I am currently trying it with using C API libraries. But I am not yet so clear about the concept and logic behind this. Can Anyone here help me by explaining the logic behind this?

What I have tried:

I found that some ways to do that like using ODBC and JDBC. I don't know how to do it embedded SQL concepts.
Updated 10-Sep-21 8:32am
Richard MacCutchan 10-Sep-21 6:25am    
Support for databases in C++ is not particularly good. You would be better looking into .NET and C# which has it built in.

This is a Quick Answers forum, not a tutorial or coaching site.

However, you might find the solutions to this post How can I start with database programming in C++ or VC++ without MFC and without any third party library.[^] useful or this article Database Programming with C/C++ | CodeGuru[^]

If you get stuck with a specific problem then do come back with your code and we will try to help, but you have to write the code for yourself
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You may have a look at SQLite[^].
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This article might help : Using C++ to Simplify the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) API - Part 1[^]. That is the first of two parts.
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There is a set of ADO database objects at here[^] that I used for years when I was stuck in MSVC6 hell until 2017. Search for CADODatabase on this site for more.
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