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I am using belwo Python code to open current Directory.
However I am passing Directory as a Variable, but it is not opening. It opens default documetns folder

current_date ='%d-%B-%Y')
subprocess.Popen('explorer "D:\\SBC\\01-03IRE\\15-Daily_Count\\"+current_date+"\\"')

What I have tried:

current_date ='%d-%B-%Y')
subprocess.Popen('explorer "D:\\SBC\\01-03IRE\\15-Daily_Count\\"+current_date+"\\"')
Updated 14-Sep-21 2:41am

1 solution

Your quote characters are wrong as shown when I print out the string:
explorer "D:\SBC\01-03IRE\15-Daily_Count\"+current_date+"\"

Change the double quotes around current_date to single, thus:
current_date ='%d-%B-%Y')
subprocess.Popen('explorer "D:\\SBC\\01-03IRE\\15-Daily_Count\\' +current_date+ '\\"')
                                                               ^                ^
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Sandeep Chavan 2021 14-Sep-21 10:58am    
Hi Richard,
Thank you very much, its working.

One more related to this
Below code is not working, please suggest

Daily_Files = "D:\\SBC\\01-03IRE\\11-Daily-Files\\"
subprocess.Popen('explorer "Daily_Files"')
Richard MacCutchan 14-Sep-21 11:09am    
You are trying to pass the string "Daily_Files". You need to use the same syntax as in your first example:
subprocess.Popen('explorer ' +Daily_Files+ '\\')

Take a look at 7. Input and Output — Python 3.9.7 documentation[^] for a more comprehensive explanation of how to build strings from a mixture of text and variables.

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