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Hi @ll
I am studying on Academy) with an online ide and it keeps on saying my answer is incorrect(on the websites intern ide). can not figure out what else to do.

The question:
Write a program that checks if a given string starts with the prefix "J" ignoring the case.
The program should output true or false.

My answer:

class Main {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
           String java = "Java";
           System.out.println(java.toLowerCase().charAt(0) == 'j'); //for the true return

thanks in advance

What I have tried:

startsWith, return, Scanner for own input, substring and contains(even tho it ignores the question for the prefix).
Updated 23-Sep-21 22:00pm
Richard MacCutchan 24-Sep-21 3:07am    
I just tried your code and it works fine, the output is:
java atest
Banguwonderful 24-Sep-21 3:30am    
I know, in my own ide it works just fine. but the online ide is the issue, it keeps on saying that i am wrong.

1 solution

You are wrong because you are using a fixed string, not the string they supply. A test suite won't expect you to return "true" every time: it will supply test cases that are expected to fail: "Hello" for example, an empty string as well.

Go back to where you got the instructions from, and read them again carefully - they should explain where to get the test string from (app parameters, or perhaps for example).
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