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i want to create a bible app with react native in which the user can select book chapter verse and read the bible and search its verses

i do not know how to do it but for example the bible is in a document .doc format or .txt format
and each verse is separated by a hard line break (enter)

how can i select each verse assuming is is written like that and how can i search it would i use EXPO OR REACT NATIVE

how can i select verses or how can i do it
i am a beginner react native

What I have tried:

i do not know from where to start i need help
Updated 7-Oct-21 7:37am
PIEBALDconsult 7-Oct-21 12:55pm    
Put the text in a database or you will fail.
Member 15344769 7-Oct-21 12:58pm    
can i do that database offline

or do the user need to be online to read the bible

thank you

PIEBALDconsult 7-Oct-21 13:09pm    
Well, I always read the bible offline...

You need to consider what a potential user might want. And consider what is already available, particularly online. And what you might be able to offer which is in demand but not being addressed.

Most people who would want to look up Bible verses already have a bible and access to online versions. Some online Bible resources will also show a comparison of different versions of the Bible.

Who is your potential audience?
What might they want? -- They definitely want performance, so a Bible-sized text search is not going to find success.

If you provide an online resource with a web-based client you can add features (such as more versions, or commentary by scholars) very easily. But you could also provide the ability for the user to download portions for more leisurely study.
Member 15344769 7-Oct-21 13:05pm    
i want user to be able to use bible offline
PIEBALDconsult 7-Oct-21 13:09pm    
I have a print copy. Done.

1 solution

It has been done many times, for example[^]
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Member 15344769 9-Oct-21 19:02pm    
you are not helping at all i have a design i want to do you are saying do not do it if you want you can tell me how to do it thanks
Richard MacCutchan 10-Oct-21 3:17am    
The design is simple. You need a datasource which your application can access randomly so that it can quickly take the reader to any verse. It also needs to be able to read sequentially from any point. So start thinking about how you could achieve that and maybe create some small test files to try it out.

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