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HI i Have a json data file i need to extract the data from. I'm struggling with objects etc. This is the file:

        "type": "Annotation",
        "body": [
                "type": "TextualBody",
                "value": "Value No 1",
                "purpose": "commenting",
                "creator": {
                    "id": "2100",
                    "name": "James Smith"
                "created": "2021-10-07T15:30:38.358Z",
                "modified": "2021-10-07T15:30:38.452Z"
                "type": "TextualBody",
                "value": "Value No 2",
                "purpose": "commenting",
                "creator": {
                    "id": "2400",
                    "name": "Paul Davies"
                "created": "2021-10-07T15:50:15.252Z",
                "modified": "2021-10-07T15:50:15.699Z"
        "target": {
            "source": "http://localhost:51583/Pages/Info/185.jpg",
            "selector": {
                "type": "FragmentSelector",
                "conformsTo": "",
                "value": "xywh=pixel:1509.8331298828125,423.9666748046875,1223.5999755859375,445.433349609375"
        "@context": "",
        "id": "#e719c51d-7096-4c0c-b4db-719fda585219"

I would like to extract the data so i can put to screen/write to separate SQL database etc (i can do this).

I would like to get:
Value No 1, 2100, James Smith
Value No 2, 2400, Paul Davies

What I have tried:

Have tried all sorts of parsing. I can paste my existing code here but i've changed it so much i'm not sure where to begin anymore. Not sure best approach. Any code/pointers would be gratefully received. Any good resources i can research? Many Thanks!
Updated 9-Oct-21 6:27am

1 solution

No idea what you have done, since you failed to explain, but Json.NET - Newtonsoft[^] is the generally agreed best offering.
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Member 10103170 9-Oct-21 12:51pm    
Thanks, stupidly forgot about that resource

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