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so my problem is that i have the output answer for the question i was given but i don't know how to write the code for the question to show the output answer i was given

What I have tried:

using System;
public static class assignment_2
    public static void Main()

     // declare the variables and constants
     double markval;

     // loop to read in a valid mark or the sentinel value
            // Read initial mark (seed the loop)
            Console.Write("Enter a mark between 0 and 100 ('Q' or 'q' to stop): ");
            mark = Convert.ToDouble(Console.ReadLine());
        } while (mark > 100);
        // if the inputted mark is not the sentinel value, process it
Updated 13-Oct-21 21:17pm
Richard MacCutchan 13-Oct-21 11:37am    
That will not even compile for a start. You have two declarations without variable names, and an undeclared variable in the loop. Your loop is just accepting any value greater than 100 but doing nothing with it.

You need to go back to your course notes and read through them again.
Dave Kreskowiak 13-Oct-21 13:09pm    
On top of what Richard said, look what happens when the user types 'Q' to quit. You don't quit. You immediate try to convert that Q to a double value. That won't work.

1 solution

To add to what Richard and Dave have said, mark isn't declared at all - and markval is a totally different variable, just as ajbloke jarikpe is not the same as aj jarikpe!

And never assume user input is accurate - they make mistakes, just like everyone else. So using Convert methods of user input just means that you app crashes when they mistype, and you know how annoying that is: it's probably happened to you.
Instead, use the <type>.TryParse methods instead:
double mark = double.MaxValue;
while (mark > 100)
   string input = Console.ReadLine();
   if (input.ToLower() == "q")
   double asValue;
   if (double.TryParse(input, out asValue))
      ... process the data ...
      ... report a problem ...
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