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First off my application is C# WinForms .NET so I want to make a standalone or use just 1 or 2 dll files. However when I build it I get a ton of xml files from the KryptonUI Package. I also have a dll files which are not the biggest problem for me. I want my program to be able to run off of 1 dll or just NONE at all and have all XMLs and DLLS imbedded properly! I also have these Manifest files which I want to embed too but also get issues. Any way I can get this all into a single dll or 2? or imbed it all?

What I have tried:

I have tried making them as a resource however I go to build it and I get errors stating that the xmls are not found. I have looked at many other forums and have found nothing that helps me atleast what I tried.
Updated 18-Oct-21 7:52am
PIEBALDconsult 15-Oct-21 20:50pm
If only you weren't using a third-party framework or whatever KryptonUI is.
If you just use what's built into .net you'd be fine.
Buzzard 2021 16-Oct-21 2:14am
its a free and open source Ui plugin. Still hade the same issue before I had the plugin. I had other XMLs being created just not as much that bothers me now.
Richard MacCutchan 16-Oct-21 4:34am
Since we have no idea of the structure of your code or what all these XML and DLL files are for, it is impossible to answer the question. And you have not explained what the KryptonUI package is actually for.
Buzzard 2021 16-Oct-21 12:14pm
its for ui design...and most of the XMLs are for that, there are some for Win32 Registry, system buffers, etc
Richard MacCutchan 16-Oct-21 12:52pm
Then you need to try their website to find out what the issue is.

1 solution

I suggest getting rid of the open source UI code. If you just use .Net then you'll only need an exe.

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