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Scenario: Editing in a C++, Windows desktop project.

1. Is there a way to keep IntelliSense from taking control of the keyboard? It pops up a drop list of choices to select an item, which you then must dismiss using [Esc] before you can move the cursor elsewhere. I'd don't want to disable IntelliSense entirely.

2. Find and Replace. I like to select some text, and then do a find an replace within the selection. Unfortunate if find/replace isn't already set for "Selection", it dismisses your selection, highlights all of the matches, etc.

What I have tried:

The only way to make find/replace work the way I want is to invoke find/replace, set to 'Selection', change focus and select the text, and then go back to find/replace. This is cumbersome. Previously I could set the selection, find/replace, and go.

IMO neither one of these functions should alter the user's 'flow' in any way. I've looked through all of the Tools|Options for C++ editing, environment, etc. and can't find anything that seems to work.
Comments 8-Nov-21 5:24am
Which VS version 16.??.?? do you have?

If I have a "control." a list pops up where I can select a property or not.
I does not lock the keyboard or cursor.

It locks the keyboard or cursor only when using keys "strg + ." together.
With a mouse click it goes away.

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