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Hi developers,

I would like to create a webApp with a general domain ex.
and multiple subdomains for each client ex., etc.

What is the best way to bind each subdomain with the MySql.

I am thinking to create a unique id for each subdomain.

For example:

1. track the subdomain.
2. generate a unique id for the database ex. select * from "table" where client_id = "1231". (subdomain)

Is this the correct way;

What I have tried:

I am in process for the the DB design
Updated 13-Nov-21 21:40pm

1 solution

This highly depends on the data and the regulations you need to comply with. For example in some cases it's not enough to separate the data only by some id in a single database. In order to keep the data complete separate you may need to utilize completely separate databases.

In other scenarios a single database may be sufficient but you may need to create row level security one way or another. Also note that depending on the situation, it may not be enough to separate the data from the user point of view, you may also need to separate the data from admin/developer point of view.

If single database would be sufficient I'd recommend getting familiar with views and stored procedures which are basic tools to achieve row level permissions. Also pay close attention to the native permission management MySql has to offer to ensure that permissions are controlled reliably.
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