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Complete the following function to validate the move of a given chess piece and return True (boolean) if the move is valid or False(boolean) if the move is invalid. The chessboard is given below for your reference.

Function takes 3 arguments

piece can be a "Knight" or "Bishop"

currentpos(a string) is a combination of row and column it be anything between "a1" to "h8". currentpos represents the cell on the chessboard where the piece is currently located

nextpos(a string) is also a combination of row and column and can also be between from "a1" to "h8". nextpos represents the cell to which the piece is intended to be moved

I have a hard time understanding this question. Can anyone tell me the correct approach for this problem implementing bishop and knight?

What I have tried:

def valid_move_or_not(piece,currentpos,nextpos):
    if currentpos == nextpos:
        return False
    if piece == 'Rook':
        return (currentpos[0] == nextpos[0]) or (currentpos[1] == nextpos[1])

if __name__=='__main__':
    #you can run your tests here
Updated 30-Nov-21 19:58pm

1 solution

Simple: from the current location of the piece, generate every valid move: each time to create a valid position, check it against the desired position (bearing in mind that it's only valid if the destination isn't occupied by a piece of the same colour, and for a bishop if there are no pieces in the way en route). If you find it is a valid move, retun so.
If you get to the end of the "possible moves" from the current position without finding it, it's invalid.
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Naveen Kollu 1-Dec-21 2:04am    
@OriginalGriff Can you help write the logic for the bishop? That will be appreciated.
OriginalGriff 1-Dec-21 2:16am    
Oh come on! You *know* how a bishop moves! Diagonally from current position to the edge of the board ...

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