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Hey guys I am a student who is looking forward to learn advanced web framework. I have 2 questions both related to each other.1- JS or TS2- Nuxt or Next.I have previous experience in flutter dart lang with firebase and python. It was fine before but now I want to expand my skills to web as well. I know html css bootstrap and js basics but now I am confused where should I move on because some friends are advising me to learn js or ts and use it with reactjs and nuxtjs but a vue lover friend is telling me to go with nuxt with js. Both nuxtjs 3 and nextjs with rust seems too good but at day end I've to choose either one and stick with it because I don't have prior experience in any sort of web framework I can't be learning both I will only stick with one and be good with it.

PS Javascript seems hard to me maybe because I haven't worked in javascript but I've also heard typescript is more likely dart2 because of the null safety things they are in typescript as well but since I've to learn one of them from almost scratch I am ready to learn even js or ts whichever provides more ease and is sustainable

What I have tried:

I've been working on python fast api framework I love it so much and flutter
Updated 2-Dec-21 11:35am

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