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I have a PHP page with some checkboxes.

I need to do that: When I click on a button, an alert comes out to show me all the IDs of the selected boxes. How can I do this?

Visual example:

| BUTTON| - View the selected tests in an alert.


⬜ - - - Test 1 - - SD7168

⬜ - - - Test 2 - - BH1560

⬜ - - - Test 3 - - CP4327

So I want if, for example, I selected test 1, an alert comes to me informing me the ID (SD7168) of the test I selected.

What I have tried:

// Button 
   <a href="" class="btn btn-info" onclick="return confirm('View selected tests')">
     <br><small>TEST ID</small></a>

// Checkbox select all
    <th><input type="checkbox" name="select-all" id="select-all"/>
         <label for="select-all" class='smallLabel'></label>

// Checkbox select single

       <input type="checkbox" name="<?='checkbox-'.$num?>" id="<?='checkbox-'.$num?>"/>
          <label for="<?='checkbox-'.$num?>" class='smallLabel'></label>

// ID parameter
       <?=$test->sampleID?> Select: <input id="<?='checkbox-'.$num?>" type="checkbox"/> <br>

// JS Checkboxes

<script src=""></script>

// Listen for click on toggle checkbox
    $('#select-all').click(function(event) {   
        if(this.checked) {
            // Iterate each checkbox
            $(':checkbox').each(function() {
                this.checked = true;                        
        } else {
            $(':checkbox').each(function() {
                this.checked = false;                       

// JS che I created to manage the alert

$('<?='checkbox-'.$num?>').click(function() {
    alert("Checkbox state (method 1) = " + $('<?='checkbox-'.$num?>').prop('checked'));
    alert("Checkbox state (method 2) = " + $('<?='checkbox-'.$num?>').is(':checked'));
<script src=""></script>
Updated 6-Dec-21 6:23am

1 solution

Given that your checkboxes all have an id attribute beginning with "checkbox-" you can use the CSS "starts with" selector to pick the checkboxes up. In addition you can use the ":checked" selector. For jQuery the script would look like:

From there you can map the selected elements based on whatever property you like, and concatenate them into a string. Here's an example I threw together[^], you can replace the prop('id') bit with whatever you need to be displaying.
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