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I took a project that was first built in RAD studio 10.x and now I'm using RAD studio 11. (I don't know if this information is important).
I'm trying to build this project and received this error in addition to another error but with __endthread instead of __beginthread and in another .obj file.

The files are located in the specified path that I chose so the compiler needs to find them but I'm not sure if the problem is because the compiler doesn't find these files or something else.

Any help will be appreciated

A code sample of calling beginthread:
pos->id in an int and pValPrm is a pointer to location that I've malooced in advance.
The code was compiled before in older compiler so I guess it's true..
if ((POS->id = _beginthread(CHVal, 0x2000, pValPrm))==-1)

What I have tried:

I looked for this error and tried to change the project to dynamic RTL(like in this xml - C++ builder parser issue: [ILINK32 Error] unreselved external - Stack Overflow[^]) but it didn't solve this issue.

I've also read this question: Unresolved External Symbol[^] but I don't have the source of _beginthread and _endthread like described in this issue.
Updated 7-Dec-21 2:17am
Richard MacCutchan 7-Dec-21 7:03am    
Both of these functions are part of the standard Windows runtime so the linker should be able to find them. You need to provide more information about your code and the build process.

I just tried a simple program with both these functions and it worked fine.
Roy Ancri 7-Dec-21 9:16am    
I've edited my post.
Anyway, where does the linker should look for it? Are there any differences between versions so the old _beginthread should be changed to something else? I've looked for it and it looks the same.
Richard MacCutchan 7-Dec-21 9:53am    
As I said above, I created a simple test program and it built first time. I suspect the issue must be something to do with RAD studio, but I have no experience of using it.
Roy Ancri 7-Dec-21 9:58am    
OK, I'll check again in the project options.
Thanks anyway

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