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I need to automate one client report which is in format. I need to apply some formatting & formulas as per business requirement. Could you please help with some reference video's of VBA where below requirements codes are explained.

Requirements: - 
1.	Insert 2 rows after word BM or HB in column A
2.	Place concatenate formula after word BM or HB in column A
3.	Write word "Excess Return" after Fund & benchmark rows in column B
4.	Excess Return row to be bordered with Top & bottom border
5.	Place arithmetic formula in Excess return row. E.g =IFERROR(A2-A3,"")
6.	Above process should in looped until word NOTE and then loop should end.

What I have tried:

I have not tried anything yet as I am not much familiar with VBA codes. Need to start learning but before that if would get help of some video's which can help me to make code for my above requirements would be helpful. Thanks in advance
Updated 19-Dec-21 23:45pm

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You are not going to learn how to do this from any video.

My advice would be to use the Macro recording function in Excel
- Make sure the Developer Tab is available in the Ribbon
- Select Macros, Record Macro
- Manually do the above steps
- Select Macros, Stop Recording

Examine the code that has been recorded to understand how to continue. Do not just leave the code "as is", it will require attention.

Next get yourself a good book or a course and start to learn VBA - here are some resources, but note that I do not necessarily endorse or recommend these
Learn VBA Online – Tutorial for Beginners (Free & Interactive)[^][^]
Excel VBA Programming - a free course for complete beginners[^]
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Member 14124697 20-Dec-21 6:40am    
Thank you so much.
CHill60 20-Dec-21 7:33am    
I should have said, if you get stuck then do come back with your code and explain where you are stuck and we will try to help further

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