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How can i get the StartDate,Endate,Week number from the Date providing.
* week startDate should be saturday
* week endDate should be friday
* week number should be based on the week start and end date we are getting
* also need next 3 weeks startDate and endDate

What I have tried:

select cast((getdate() - 6) AS DATE)as startDate,cast((getdate()-1 ) AS DATE) as endDate;
select cast((getdate()) AS DATE)as startDate,cast((getdate()+ 6) AS DATE) as endDate;

select DATENAME(ww, getdate());
Updated 31-Dec-21 5:00am

T-SQL provides a lot of functions; for each of them see the doc (google TSQL functionname).

Here is an example that should get you going.

Warning: I explicitly set DATEFIRST as per your requirement; it is essential for obtaining the results you want.

Without it, it is also possible but more complex (requires either modulo arithmtic or some case constructs), I would not go for that.

You can run the below code inside Visual Studio (using menu Tools/SQL Server)

DECLARE @startdate DATE;
DECLARE @enddate DATE;
DECLARE @dd INT = 1;
-- make saturday the first day of the week (1=monday , 7=sunday)
WHILE @dd < 40
    -- PRINT @mydate 
    SET @wd=DATEPART(weekday, @mydate)
    -- PRINT @wd
    SET @startdate = DATEADD(day, 1-@wd, @mydate)
    -- PRINT @startdate 
    SET @enddate = DATEADD(day, 7-@wd, @mydate)
    -- PRINT @enddate 
    SET @wk = DATEPART(week, @mydate)
    -- PRINT @wk
    PRINT convert(varchar(10),@mydate)+' start='+convert(varchar(10),@startdate)+' end='+convert(varchar(10),@enddate)+' week='+convert(varchar(2),@wk)
    PRINT ' '
    SET @mydate = DATEADD(day, 1, @mydate)
    SET @dd = @dd + 1;

The results would look like this:
2022-01-01 start=2022-01-01 end=2022-01-07 week=1
2022-01-02 start=2022-01-01 end=2022-01-07 week=1
2022-01-03 start=2022-01-01 end=2022-01-07 week=1
2022-01-04 start=2022-01-01 end=2022-01-07 week=1
2022-01-05 start=2022-01-01 end=2022-01-07 week=1
2022-01-06 start=2022-01-01 end=2022-01-07 week=1
2022-01-07 start=2022-01-01 end=2022-01-07 week=1
2022-01-08 start=2022-01-08 end=2022-01-14 week=2
2022-01-09 start=2022-01-08 end=2022-01-14 week=2


Finally you can convert such code to a single-line SQL e.g.
SET DATEFIRST 6; DECLARE @mydate DATE = DATEFROMPARTS(2022,1,12); DECLARE @wd INT=DATEPART(weekday, @mydate); SELECT DATEADD(day, 1-@wd, @mydate) as startdate,
DATEADD(day, 7-@wd, @mydate) as enddate,  DATEPART(week, @mydate) as week
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In addition to the solution offered by @luc-pattyn I would advise you to set up a date dimension table on your database, so that you are not calculating these dates on the fly
While any of this information can be calculated on the fly, a calendar table can save time, improve performance, and increase the consistency of data returned by our important reporting processes.
See also Creating a date dimension or calendar table in SQL Server[^]
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