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I have a database that will be full of data, I want in vb net ro clone this database, rename the cloned database and delete the all data of the original database.
I want to use smo to copy/clone the database not backup the database, also any link that hekps will be great.

thank you in advance

What I have tried:

I found how to delete the data.
<pre lang="VB">For Each lRow As DataRow In yourtable.Rows
Dim builder As New OdbcCommandBuilder(yourDataAdapter)
yourDataAdapter.DeleteCommand = builder.GetDeleteCommand
[no name] 5-Jan-22 12:37pm    
If you plan to "clone", you need a new name; you can't expect to rename later after creating a duplicate. Maybe you should use export / import instead.
Richard Deeming 6-Jan-22 4:32am    
Why the arbitrary restriction? Backup and restore is the simplest way to "clone" a database.

Don't forget, databases can contain a lot more than just the tables and data. You can have views, stored procedures, functions, roles, users, permissions, full-text catalogs, ...

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Thank toy all I will try import/export first and then backup.

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Maciej Los 6-Jan-22 14:10pm    
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