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Write a program that prompts the user for a number (that may be a fraction). The program reads in the input and print the following: the input as a double, the input as an int and finally the input as a char. e.g. if the input is 65.790, then the output will be 65.790, 65, and A. use the appropriate method of convert class.

What I have tried:

using System;

namespace ConsoleApp08
    class Program
int Main()
            float a;
            printf("Enter a number");
            scanf("%f", &a);
            printf("\ndouble value=%.3f", a);
            printf("\ninteger value=%d", (int)a);
            printf("\nchar value=%c", (char)a);
            return (7);
Updated 28-Jan-22 5:10am
Richard Deeming 28-Jan-22 10:25am    
printf and scanf are not C# methods.

Besides that, you forgot to ask a question.
Richard Deeming 28-Jan-22 11:15am    
No, your homework assignment is not a question. It's a piece of work you are expected to do yourself.

If you really don't know where to start, then talk to your teacher.
PIEBALDconsult 28-Jan-22 10:32am    
And never use the Convert class (except maybe the ChangeType method) -- it's a rookie technique.

1 solution

You can't grab code at random from the internet, chuck it into a C# file, and get a working app: the two languages are very very different, and just share some common syntax.
Much of what makes C work is not going to work in C#: it doesn't use pointers (except in tightly control circumstances) and C doesn't have any clue about classes or references. And while both have a struct keyword, they use it for very different things.

If you need a C# solution, write C# code.
These may help you:
Console.ReadLine Method (System) | Microsoft Docs[^]
Int32.TryParse Method (System) | Microsoft Docs[^]
Double.TryParse Method (System) | Microsoft Docs[^]
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