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Hello. So I was just messing around with reading text files in Python. I decided to read a spesific line of the text file, and use if else statement. Unfortunately, the result isn't my expectation. Here is my code:

file = open('testing.txt')
lines = file.readlines()
errorinfo = lines[0]

if errorinfo == "A":
    print("Yes you are A!")

    print("No you're not A!")

And the text file content:


The code still detects as "not A".

What I have tried:

The solution I have tried is to write it without a variable (writing it directly in the if else statement)
Updated 17-Mar-22 3:40am

1 solution

Add the following after the call to file.readlines() and you will see why:
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TheStupidDev 17-Mar-22 10:56am    
Thank you so much! I finally realized that I forgot the /n! Thanks again!
Richard MacCutchan 17-Mar-22 11:05am    
That is why during development, you should make use of extra print statements or use the debugger, so you can see what is happening.
TheStupidDev 18-Mar-22 2:41am    
You can call me a rookie if I must say. Thanks for the tip, helps a lot!

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