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I want to backup sqlserver database using c# code.
For that i am using "BACKUP DATABASE" query.

So, suppose my "SQL server" is installed on same pc and i am trying to
running this query then this query is working perfectly.


suppose "SQL server" is installed on network environment means some on another system

I want to take "SQL server" database to my local system drive.

for example,

sql sever is installed on "TEST_SERVER"
another pc (say admin-pc) which is connected to same network
trying to take sqlserver database to local drive of "admin-pc"

what i am facing issue is that when i am trying to run code from local pc,
it is unable to access local system drive.

Getting error like this



it is able to connect sql server database.

it is able to take backup on system on which sql server is installed.

is is not able to take backup on local system drive

What I have tried:

Updated 23-Mar-22 5:30am

On remote location, create a share folder on your network environment and use the following query:
   TO DISK = 'YourSharedPath\DatabaseName.bak'

Your shared path could be like \\TEST_SERVER\SQLBackup\:
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You would have to create a folder on your admin machine and share it, giving the account that's running your SQL Server services access to the share and appropriate permissions.

But, you would normally never do this as your machine would have to be on the network and running in order for the backup job to work. It would be better if the back was written to a place that is up and running all the time and then you just copy that backup to your own machine when you need it. Keep in mind, you're going to have to make sure the data is kept secure per company policy.
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