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I am creating small application in wpf.
I want to add delay to the progressbar without any click mouse keyboard events.
I have kept one image as background for window.
So as soon as window loads image should display and after few seconds progress bar should display.

Whatever the delay I am giving its being applied to both image and progress bar.

Can anyone help me with it.?

What I have tried:

Private void onload(object sender RouteEventArgs e)
Int delay=2;
Updated 24-Mar-22 20:57pm

1 solution

The problem is that both the picture display and the waiting are being done on the same thread - so the Paint event which actually displays the image isn't handled until after the wait is also continued.

There are several ways round this, but the simplest is to create a timer instead of waiting, and when its Tick event fires, display you progress bar.

However, if you are using a progress bar, then probably you are planning to do something that takes time and keeping the user informed - and you will have the same problem then as the progress bar will not be updated while your long running event is in progress.

So instead, use a BackgroundWorker[^] to perform your long running task, and use it's Progress facility to display and update your ProgressBar - your initial delay can slow that thread and the Progress event displays the Progress bar on the first update.
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DivyaHal 1-Apr-22 13:22pm    
Thank you... Using background worker made everything simple.
OriginalGriff 1-Apr-22 14:48pm    
You're welcome!

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