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SELECT {fn MONTHNAME(feepaiddate)} AS MonthName,YEAR(feepaiddate) AS Year, SUM(paidAmt) AS Profits FROM [bitcrj_database].[tbstufees]
 GROUP BY { fn MONTHNAME(feepaiddate) }, MONTH(feepaiddate), YEAR(feepaiddate)  order by Year(feepaiddate),month(feepaiddate)


Month | Year | Profits
------ | ---------| ---------
January | 2022 | 34800
February | 2022 | 40500
March | 2022 | 43600 // Incorrect Sum in march

but i manual count in March month SUM is Correct 42000

What I have tried:

i want to correct output of month march
Updated 25-Mar-22 3:45am

Check your inputs: the chances are they aren't what you think.

And don't GROUP BY the same data twice: month name and number. Instead, write a GROUP by that returns the year, month, and sum - then test that in isolation. When that works, JOIN that back to the original table to pick up the month name and ORDER BY
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I do agree with OriginalGriff's statement
Check your inputs: the chances are they aren't what you think.
because I set up some dummy data and your code works fine.

I tend to disagree with him on the join to the original table though - what are you going to join to? You can however, join to a sub-query or CTE that does this
select distinct DATENAME(MONTH, feepaiddate) AS [MonthName], MONTH(feepaiddate) as [MonthNo]
	FROM tbstufees
(inner join on [MonthNo]

One other point, why are you using ODBC scalar functions just to get the month name? Why not use the built-in SQL functions? e.g.
{fn MONTHNAME(feepaiddate)} AS MonthName
can be replaced with
DATENAME(MONTH, feepaiddate) AS [MonthName]
Your query will run faster.

Also note that I am surrounding the reserved words MonthName and Month with square brackets when they are used as column aliases - this is to signal that they are definitely column names and not the functions with the same name. Or note that I used MonthNo instead of Month avoiding the problem altogether
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