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Write a program that prompts the user for their age and determines if they are a teenager. Someone is a teenager if their age is greater than or equal to 13 and less than or equal to 19.

Your program should be able to produce the following result:

What is your age? 13
Yes, you are a teenager.
What is your age? 17
Yes, you are a teenager.
What is your age? 20
No, you are not a teenager.
Hint: you must print either "yes" or "no" in your output.

What I have tried:

function start(){
var age = readInt("Age: ");
if(age == 20){
println("Yes, you are a teenager.");
println("No, you are not a teenager.")
Updated 28-Mar-22 20:06pm
Dave Kreskowiak 28-Mar-22 22:03pm    
And you had a question to ask?

About the only thing I'm going to tell you is what you're checking for in that if statement is wrong.

1 solution

Have a look at Java If ... Else[^].
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