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I have a table_A which has names and delivery dates as follows

Name	Del_dt
Mark	2022-04-01
Mark	2022-04-03
Mark	2022-04-05
Mark	2022-04-07
Mark	2022-04-09
Dave	2022-04-02
Dave	2022-04-04
Dave	2022-04-06
Dave	2022-04-08
Dave	2022-04-10

and so on. I want to have a cumulative count of Name upto a particular date. For e.g. Output sample for date from 2022-04-07 to 2022-04-10

Date	Name	cul_cnt
2022-04-07	Mark	4
2022-04-08	Mark	4
2022-04-09	Mark	5
2022-04-10	Mark	5
2022-04-07	Dave	3
2022-04-08	Dave	4
2022-04-09	Dave	4
2022-04-10	Dave	5

Ofc the dates can be common for different names. I am trying to use Dynamic SQL (as I am a beginner and want to explore more). I have generated the following code based on what I could find about Dynamic SQL methods. I am also open to other methods too.

Currently I am getting this error

Error report -
Error starting at line : 1 in command -

However, I am sure there would be more errors in the code. How can I get the desired output as shown in the Output table. Also, how do I get the og_date (Date column in output) as it is not present in the original table_A, but a defined variable

What I have tried:

    declare cur_date date;
    declare og_date date;
    declare Cust_Name varchar2(4);
    declare cul_cnt number;
    set cur_date = current_date; /*today's date*/
    set og_date = cur_date - 10; /*calculating cumulative counts for last 10 days*/
    select Name,count(Name) into Cust_Name,cul_cnt,og_date
    from table_A
    where prod_type like 'SHOES' /*Another column in the table just for filter*/
    and Del_dt <= og_date
    group by Name;
    og_date = og_date + 1;
exit when (og_date > cur_date);
Updated 10-May-22 2:58am

1 solution

Not sure what you mean by "cumulative counts"...

I'd suggest to use WITH clause[^]:

WITH CTE(Cust_Name, og_date, cul_cnt) AS 
  SELECT Name, Del_dt, COUNT(*)
  FROM YourTable
  WHERE Del_dt BETWEEN '2022-04-07' AND '2022-04-10'
  GROUP BY Name, Del_dt
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