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I'm trying to use ajax to update my cart without reloading the page, I have a view that's working fine in the backend, it prints "success 20" (20 as in cartItems) as expected but the ajax function prints literally "{{request.cartItems}}" success yet not the actual number, I'm trying to print out the cartItems in the console and eventually update the nav as in when someone hits add-to-cart from the template without reloading, it just updates {{cartItems}} in real time. Can someone please help me out I would really appreciate that!

What I have tried:
def ajax_update(request):
	data = cartData(request)
	cartItems = data['cartItems']
	if is_ajax and request.method == "GET":
		if cartItems:
			print("success", cartItems)
			data_attribute = request.GET.get(cartItems)
		return JsonResponse(data_attribute, safe=False, status=200)
	context = {"cartItems": cartItems}
	return render(request, 'store/shop.html', context)

path('ajax_update/', views.ajax_update, name="ajax_update"),


var cartData = '{{request.cartItems}}'
function ajax_update_CartData() {
        url: 'ajax_update/',
        type: 'GET',
        data : cartData,
        success: function(data){

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