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Yes, I know I am woefully out of touch, and for that I apologize.

But I am about to start a new job, and the supervisor told me they use VB.Net to create Web pages or apps for the workers in the shop to use. He wasn't very clear on the subject.

I would like to bone up a little, before I start, but I am unable to find anything om the Internet, Microsoft, O'Reilly, Murach, Apress describing how it is done, with examples.

All my previous work has been in LAN desktop apps.

What I have tried:

Searching the internet, Microsoft help, all of the computer book publishers that I know about.
Updated 19-May-22 12:07pm

Yes, though some Javascript will make life a lot eaiser (and more responsive for the user).
create a website VB - Google Search[^]
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Slow Eddie 19-May-22 18:36pm    
Griff does it again! Thank you.
Is it possible to create a website with VB.NET?

Basically, Yes, it is possible with about any programming language, some are easier than others.
All depend on the exact meaning of "create", it can be anything from generating the pages to handling the site logic behind, and anything in between.
You need to get more detail on the software suite.
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Slow Eddie 19-May-22 18:37pm    
You are right of course. Thank you.

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