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I am looking for code in VB.Net (or C#) that can read a GPX File and output Lat, LOn, Time and Elev to a csv file

What I have tried:

Using my limited knowledge of XML I haven't got very far.
Updated 3-Jun-22 1:21am

Your first stop is Google. read gpx file - Google Search[^]
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I tried this as shown below but it only returns the elevation and time. I'm not sure how to get the Lat and Lon values:

Dim gpxFile As String = "C:\Users\xxxxxxx\Downloads\ILU 2022038.gpx"
          Dim gpxDoc As XmlDocument = New XmlDocument()

          Dim nsmgr As XmlNamespaceManager = New XmlNamespaceManager(gpxDoc.NameTable)
          nsmgr.AddNamespace("x", "")
          Dim nl As XmlNodeList = gpxDoc.SelectNodes("//x:trkpt", nsmgr)

          For Each xnode As XmlNode In nl
              Dim name As String = xnode.Name
              Debug.Print(xnode.Name & vbCrLf & xnode.InnerText)

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Richard MacCutchan 3-Jun-22 7:25am    
You need to study the format of the file GPX 1.0 Developer's Manual[^].

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