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I am using WPF MVVM for a project. I have 8 View/ViewModel pairs that work well for the solution, but I have found myself duplicating two event handlers in code-behind for each View: OnLoaded and ExpandDetail (which is needed to respond to a request for more detail on a line in a DataGrid)

Moving them to the ViewModelBase (so each ViewModel would have the code) is not practical because they refer to WPF framework elements that in the View.

I believe they are rightly view oriented routines.

I get than old ugly feeling when having to repeat them in each view. Does anyone have advice about how I might get them into one, usable location?

What I have tried:

I have not tried it yet, but each view is a usercontrol, so I have thought about trying the idea of a ViewBase UserControl to base everything on but it seems kludgy.

I have searched the usual sources, with no results. I'm hoping someone has found a solution to this kind of thing that I can adapt
[no name] 8-Jun-22 0:07am    
Use a "static" class / method that accepts a view / user control / view model, etc. Instead of an (implicit) "this", you reference a variable / parameter (to the object in question). It seem like more code but it isn't; just better partitioning.
hardover 9-Jun-22 15:26pm    
This is a good recommendation. Thank you. It is squarely in the "should have thought of that" category.
I implemented it and it left me with only a one-line call for each event handler in the View code-behind. This allows the move to one instance of the common code which is now in the static class.

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