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Currently i'm experimenting with a WinUI3 project from the TemplateStudio and its the first time with MVVM.

I have some textboxes:
<TextBox x:Uid="Settings_Smtp_ServerBox" Text="{x:Bind ViewModel.SmtpServer}" />

Inside the ViewModel i have some properties defined, where the textboxes bound to:
public string SmtpServer
		get => _smtp_server;
		set => SetProperty(ref _smtp_server, value);

The mentioned project has a delivered local settings service what provides that method:
public class LocalSettingsServicePackaged : ILocalSettingsService
    public async Task SaveSettingAsync<T>(string key, T value)
        ApplicationData.Current.LocalSettings.Values[key] = await Json.StringifyAsync(value);

How do i save the contents of the properties?

What I have tried:

I read the documentation on TemplateStudio/ at main · microsoft/TemplateStudio · GitHub[^]
but the saving process isn't documented.
[no name] 2-Jul-22 12:52pm    
If designed properly, you would serialize / deserialize the view model (class). Serializing individual properties still implies a "settings class" simply for the sake of efficiency and sanity.

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