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Hi guys, I would like you to help me with this problem, I have a program that has two forms, Form1 and Form2.
However, I really want to display (Form1 on Screen1), and (Form2 on Screen2).

Although, I find this app on the net and try it. it is not working could you help me with that.

What I have tried:

protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)

            if (Screen.AllScreens.Length > 1)

                Form2 frm = new Form2();

                // Important !
                frm.StartPosition = FormStartPosition.Manual;

                // Get the second monitor screen
                Screen screen = GetSecondaryScreen();

                // set the location to the top left of the second screen
                frm.Location = screen.WorkingArea.Location;

                // set it fullscreen
                frm.Size = new Size(screen.WorkingArea.Width, screen.WorkingArea.Height);

                // Show the form


public Screen GetSecondaryScreen()
            if (Screen.AllScreens.Length == 1)
                return null;

            foreach (Screen screen in Screen.AllScreens)
                if (screen.Primary == false)
                    return screen;

            return null;
Updated 4-Jul-22 20:19pm

1 solution

And? If I try it locally, it works fine for me.

The main form appears where I expected it to, and the second form appears on my second monitor.

Be aware though, that your code is prone to failure: if only one monitor is present, it will fail with a null reference exception. If you deliberately return a null value from a method, you need to check it before using it!

Are you getting confused because your "main display" is not set to the monitor you think it is? I have three monitors, and my main display is the center one, then 2 it to it's left, and three is to it's right. The numbering shown in the System.Display properties of the Settings app, is organised by connection to your graphics card, not by "monitor number".
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Karam Ibrahim 5-Jul-22 11:47am    
Dear QriginalGriff,
If so, what can I do to solve that? Could you give me the solution?
I appreciate that.
OriginalGriff 5-Jul-22 12:05pm    
How can I "give you a solution" to a problem you haven't described, and I can't see or duplicate with the little info you have given us?

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