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Hi, I have a problem with trying to start the program before it started fine and towards my login and such but now I get this error:

<pre>Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/tomas/Downloads/RegistroDeTienda/", line 115, in <module>
    user = x["name"]
NameError: name 'x' is not defined. Did you mean: 'X'?
[Finished in 519ms with exit code 1]

what could be due? I have this

conex3 = pymysql.connect(host='',

cur3 = conex3.cursor()
verificarName = "SELECT * FROM clientes WHERE id = 1"
verificarPassword = "SELECT password FROM clientes WHERE id = 1"

myresult = cur3.fetchall()
row6 = [item['name'] for item in myresult]
print (row6)
for x in myresult:
    print (x["name"])

####### VENTANA Tkinter #######

root = Tk()
root.title("Mostrar datos")
label1 = Label(root, image=imagen1), y=0)

x_ventana = root.winfo_screenwidth() // 2 - 300 // 2
y_ventana = root.winfo_screenheight() // 2 - 300 // 2

posicion = str(300) + "x" + str(300) + "+" + str(x_ventana) + "+" + str(y_ventana)


#frame = ttk.Frame(root, borderwidth=5, relief="ridge", width=200, height=100), y=100)

user = x["name"]
password = x["password"]

ttk.Label(text="Usuario:").place(x=50, y=110)

ttk.Label(text="Contraseña:").place(x=50, y=165)

#### Entry Usuario ####
v1 = StringVar()
e1 = Entry(root, textvariable=v1, justify=CENTER), y=130, width=200, height=30)

#### Entry Password ####
v2 = StringVar()
e2 = Entry(root, textvariable=v2, show="*", justify=CENTER), y=185, width=200, height=30)

and more code but to simplify, this is where the error is thrown: user = x["name"]

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated

What I have tried:

<pre>Any additional information would be greatly appreciated
Updated 12-Jul-22 21:01pm

From that code fragment, we can't tell. But this may help: Python Scope[^]
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As Griff suggested, x is out-of-scope.
for x in myresult:
print (x["name"])
is executed, x is no more in scope and Python interpreter correctly complains.
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