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Sorry but i am new and i am trying to draw a simple line or rectangle into a report.
Is possible to do that?
Can someone give me an example, please?

Thanks in advance

What I have tried:

it's my first approach to reportviewer, so non ideas how to do that
Updated 21-Jul-22 10:27am
Gerry Schmitz 17-Jul-22 20:13pm    
You don't add it to the viewer; you'd add it to the report; depending on what that report "engine" supports: images and / or graphics commands.
tonj67 18-Jul-22 4:16am    
Thanks a lot Gerry for your reply...
i would like to add it to the report writing the code... if it's possible
Can you explain better what mean:
"depending on what that report "engine" supports: images and / or graphics commands."?

i had wrote this code but nothing appear on the report:

Dim g As Graphics = ReportViewer1.CreateGraphics
Dim mypen As Pen = New Pen(Brushes.Black, 50.0F)
g.DrawLine(mypen, 10, 10, 0, 10)
g = ReportViewer1.CreateGraphics


for sure i wrote "una schifezza" (in italian language)

Thanks in advance for your help
Gerry Schmitz 21-Jul-22 9:26am    
You make reference to the "report viwer"; but you say nothing about the "report" (file) or where it came from. The "report viewer" displays a "report FILE"; nothing more. It's during report "generation" when you typically use features of the report "engine" (e.g. certain "events") to add extras (e.g. comment "text boxes").
tonj67 21-Jul-22 16:56pm    
I try to explain you what i did, step by step.

i created an application to do some tests (windows form), then i had add one report (file report.rdlc) .
Into this report i have dragges one textlabel and created a parameter to fill with some words. the textlabel can be with the word "hello" or "hello world", so the lenght can be variable.
under this label i want draw one line like the lenght of the textlabel.
The file rdlc is into the application folder

Sorry but i feel stupid and not sure to have explained you so good. I do not find any event for the report.

Can i find some manual or example to get suggests how to do?

Thanks a lot

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