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Hello all,

I've an application that uses Entity Framework 6.0 for SQL Server Data Access.
I need to start using encryption for data at rest and data transactions.
Can this be achieved? Any tutorial or instructions about how to do it?
Thanks in advance

What I have tried:

I've search for information but ended up with "obstacles" like not being able to use constants or having issues with .Include()
I was trying to find a solution that doesn't force me to rewrite all the application
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 14-Jul-22 5:52am    
If you are just getting started, I encourage you to explore the new Entity Framework Core instead of older Entity Framework 6.

However, you can look into the Always Encrypt option and see how much that helps you.

The encryption at rest is not something that Entity Framework will explore, rather your database service provider; where you are deploying it. For the data transactions, you can use this connection string part and see how that works. I have not used this myself.
jbravofaria 18-Jul-22 11:13am    
Hi Afzaal,

Thank for your reply. Unfortunately .net core is not a possibility. I’m currently exploring TDE and force encryption on instance protocols.. still on an early phase but seems to do the trick and no problems detected so far!

1 solution

You can use the TDE feature baked in to SQL Server. Check out Microsoft 's how-to: Transparent data encryption (TDE) - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs[^]
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