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Hi Guys

Very difficult to write this without using explicit language but i will try.
I have a WPG library, with a WFP user control in it, now all I want to do is set the background of a scrollviewer to an image and tile it

Sounds very simple doesnt it ?

When I try and set it in the designer (as in select my .bmp image saved via MS paint) it never shows up ( it does not neatly add it to a resource file (Like I am so used to with Winforms) no it inputs a url in the markup (XAML <- Always fun listening to Jessie Liberty from microsoft say it)

               <ImageBrush ImageSource="Images/diagramBG1.bmp" />

So when i run it I get the following

'Provide value on 'System.Windows.Baml2006.TypeConverterMarkupExtension' threw an exception.' Line number '12' and line position '18'.

And yes I did copy the image to the local path and directory

So What i would really like to do is! :
be able to assign the image via code and a 64 bit string or a byte array of the image

Feel like a total noob by asking somethign that is conceptually very easy (for just about everything else) but for WPF.

Thanks in Advance
Updated 24-Jan-13 2:42am

1 solution

My first question is: Have you set the bacground image's compile mode to resource in the project explorer?

If yes, then maybe WPF doesn't like bmp images. I allways use png format. Takes less space and it's lossless.
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