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Hi, I am just learning java
here is my code : I have to add code [???] line

//The answer must have balanced parentesis
class A0{private int f;A0(int f){this.f=f;}
  int getF(){return f;}
class A1 extends A0{private int f=0;A1(int f){super(f);}
  int getF(){return f;}
class B extends A1{
  private int f=0;
public class Exercise{
  public static void main(String[]arg){

    B b7=new B(7);
    assert b7.getFofA()==7;

What I have tried:

 B(int f) {
     System.out.print("B constructor called \n");
 public int getFofA() {
// if I do super.f then it will just give me 0 as it calls the one level up class's f

Updated 23-Jul-22 10:15am

1 solution

class A0 {
  private int f=10;

  A0( int f) { this.f=f; }
  int getF() { return f; }

class A1 extends A0 {
  private int f=11;
  A1( int f) { super(f); }
  public int getSuperF() {
    return super.getF();

class B extends A1 {
  private int f=12;
  B( int f)  { super(f); }
  int getF() { return f; }
  /* public int getSuperF() {
    return super.getSuperF();
  } */

public class Exercise {
  public static void main(String[]arg) {
    B b = new B(7);
    System.out.println( b.getF() );
    System.out.println( b.getSuperF() );
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Member 4201820 23-Jul-22 22:08pm    
Thanks, but, we can not change the main()

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