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I'm trying to dynamically add records to DataGrid (which I take from mails, running in the background). The problem is that when I use the method on the other thread to start the XAML window, it just prints some records not every one and not dynamically

I know, that I've pasted large code, but it is also larger project for me. I wanted to paste the most important parts. Feel free to ask for me or less :)

Contructor, where is problem. There is DataGrid with data
public AdminWindow() {
   foreach (Alert alert in Alert.alerts) {
   AlertTable.ItemsSource = Alert.alerts;

Contructor for Login(and first window, if users exist, it will create new one - AdminWindow and this will be hiden)
public MainWindow()
            EmailParser parser = new EmailParser(true, "", "password");
    //Could be problem with Name of the class? I had to rename it, but how I see, it didn't change it properly. But the window is showing...

Constructor in EmailParser class

public EmailParser(bool isSSLuse, string username, string password) {
   this.ServerName = "";
   this.Port = 993;
   this.IsSSLuse = isSSLuse;
   this.Username = username;
   this.Password = password;
   Task.Run(() => MailKitLib(this));

Method in EmailParser class
public void MailKitLib(EmailParser emailParser) {

            bool help = true;
            Timer t = new Timer();
            t.Interval = 500;

                using (var client = new ImapClient())
                using (var cancel = new System.Threading.CancellationTokenSource())
                    client.Connect(emailParser.ServerName, emailParser.Port, emailParser.isSSLuse,


                    client.Authenticate(emailParser.Username, emailParser.Password, cancel.Token);

                    var inbox = client.Inbox;
                    inbox.Open(FolderAccess.ReadOnly, cancel.Token);

                    Console.WriteLine("Total messages: {0}", inbox.Count);
                    Console.WriteLine("Recent messages: {0}", inbox.Unread);

                    for (int i = 0; i < inbox.Count; i++)
                        var message = inbox.GetMessage(i, cancel.Token);
                        Console.WriteLine("ID:" + message.MessageId);
                        if (message.MessageId != null)
                            Alert alert = new Alert(message.MessageId, message.Date.DateTime, message.From.ToString(), "PING" , "LOW");                             



                    client.Disconnect(true, cancel.Token);
                if (t.Interval == 0)
                    help = false;
            } while (help != false);


What I have tried:

Shorten the code to just this

<pre>AlertTable.ItemsSource = Alert.alerts;

but it throws this exception
System.InvalidOperationException: 'The ItemsControl object is not consistent with the source of its items.

I also tried adding a new train to contructor, I got this exception

<pre>Task.Run(() => AddItems());

System.InvalidOperationException: 'The calling thread cannot access this object because it is owned by another thread.'

but another exception throws again
Gerry Schmitz 27-Jul-22 12:31pm    
You've shown "one statement" that relates to your heading: ItemSource = xxx.

Everything else, is useless from a problem solving point of view.
Member 15627495 31-Jul-22 5:11am    
as every componant, your datagrid needs :
- init()
- clear()
- populate()

3 functions, to make live your componant.
It's a base for the content of your datagrid

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