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I seem to be getting a recurring error in VB2012 with SAP Crystal reports, I have over 10 reports and 4 of them give me an error every time I compile my project:

Error class 'CachedCryfiletags' and class 'CachedCryfiletags', declared in 'D:\PIBT VB Softwares\Inventory\Inventory\Cryfiletags.vb', conflict in namespace 'WindowsApplication1'. D:\PIBT VB Softwares\Inventory\Inventory\Cryfiletags1.vb

When I click show all files in the solution explorer I notice two files under the report name: Cryfiletags.vb and Cryfiletags1.vb, if I delete Cryfiletags1.vb the error goes away and only comes back once I close and open my project again. Not sure why it's always creating that second instance of the report.

I would really appreciate any help you can offer me,

Thank you

What I have tried:

I have tried renaming the reports but issue remains.
Member 15627495 31-Jul-22 2:58am    

maybe you should show more of the code.

It's not from the vb file name,

but surely about 2 class with the same name "= new 'report'

to fix that :
- rename one the report with another name.
- or toggle visibility ( private / public ... ) to win on the bug.

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