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I have installed EPPlus in my references using the NuGet dialog but when I go to use it, I get an error saying I need to set up the licence with

ExcelPackage.LicenseContext = LicenseContext.NonCommercial;

I can not figure out where to put this.

This is probably a basic question, but I can't figure it out.

What I have tried:

Reading the EPPlus documentation
Searcing google
Putting it above the code
Putting it with the
Putting it as a using statement
Updated 4-Aug-22 15:42pm

Your question should have been directed to EPPlus.

Developers - EPPlus Software[^]. Notice the "Support" section at the bottom of that page?
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I'd use app.config file:

    <!--The license context used-->
    <add key="EPPlus:ExcelPackage.LicenseContext" value="NonCommercial" />

More details here: License Exception
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I took the ungraceful way

sourceWorkbook = objArchive.Workbooks.Open(strSourceFile);
     destinationWorkbook = objArchive.Workbooks.Open(strDestinationFile, misValue, false);
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Richard Deeming 5-Aug-22 9:06am    
Your two "solutions" have nothing to do with the question you've posted them to.
I gave up, for now, and may return to it at a later date.
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Richard Deeming 5-Aug-22 9:06am    
And this one is definitely not a "solution", even if you had posted it to the correct question.
PaulaJoannAllen 5-Aug-22 12:53pm    
I looked on the EPPlus website and to get in for questions or answers, you must be a paying member. I am new to this, so I would need my handheld.

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