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I have this Property:

private string _TextBox1 = "Input";
        public string TextBox1
                return _TextBox1;
                _TextBox1 = value;


I placed it like that:
Text="{Binding TextBox1, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged, Mode=TwoWay}"

Now I type in some text and Change with that to next Page in my Project:
PagesNavigation.Navigate(new System.Uri("/EttiketPage.xaml", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute));

But now the Text I wrote get erased and the normal "Input" line is back.

What I have tried:

I know the ViewModel creates more then one Instance which it could be erased. To avoid that I created an ApplicationService class with that:

public sealed class ApplicationService
        private ApplicationService() { }

        public static ApplicationService Instance { get; } = new ApplicationService();

        public ViewModel PrintView { get; } = new ViewModel();

And in every Page I placed this DataContext:

DataContext="{Binding PrintView, Source={x:Static local:ApplicationService.Instance}}"

But for some reason the data of the Property get erased every time I change the Page, someone an Idea?
Updated 2-Aug-22 6:40am
Graeme_Grant 2-Aug-22 10:39am    
Object lifetime. Set a breakpoint in the construction of the VM and look at the stack trace in the debug window. You can see why.

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