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so it's saying the 'str' object has no attribute 'copy. from a normal input are their ways to fix it
and any ways to make my code better
thank you for your time

What I have tried:

this is my code
lines_seen = set() # holds lines already seen

#check for duplicates
with open("male.txt", "r+") as f:
    d = f.readlines()
    for i in d:
        if i not in lines_seen:

with open("female.txt", "r+") as f:
    d = f.readlines()
    for i in d:
        if i not in lines_seen:

def gender_features(word):
	return {'last_letter': word[-1]}

# output : {'last_letter': 'r'}
# importing libraries
import random
from nltk.corpus import names
import nltk

def gender_features(word):
	return {'last_letter':word[-1]}

# preparing a list of examples and corresponding class labels.
labeled_names = ([(name, 'male') for name in names.words('male.txt')]+
			[(name, 'female') for name in names.words('female.txt')])


# we use the feature extractor to process the names data.
featuresets = [(gender_features(n), gender)
			for (n, gender)in labeled_names]

# Divide the resulting list of feature
# sets into a training set and a test set.
train_set, test_set = featuresets[500:], featuresets[:500]

# The training set is used to
# train a new "naive Bayes" classifier.
classifier = nltk.NaiveBayesClassifier.train(train_set)
x2b = input("name: ")

# output should be 'male'
print(nltk.classify.accuracy(classifier, train_set))

# it shows the accuracy of our classifier and
# train_set. which must be more than 99 %
Updated 21-Aug-22 6:47am

I gave you the link to the documentation for str types earlier today. Many of the functions return a modified copy, but as you can see there is no specific copy method. But you have not explained where the error occurs.

Take a look at the documentation at NLTK :: nltk.classify.naivebayes[^]. The classify method calls prob_classify passing in the parameter from your call. One of the next actions is to call copy on that parameter. But the str object does not have a copy method, as already shown. So the conclusion is that you are passing an invalid parameter to classify.
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Hiruy Metsihafe 21-Aug-22 2:27am    
on print(classifier.classify(x2b)).
sorry for the long reply I had something to do.
Richard MacCutchan 21-Aug-22 3:06am    
Sorry, I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. The error message refers to an attempt to use copy on a str object.
Hiruy Metsihafe 21-Aug-22 3:15am    
thanks for trying.
Richard MacCutchan 21-Aug-22 3:29am    
See my update above.
Hiruy Metsihafe 21-Aug-22 4:54am    
so I can't take input for a name
found the solution its
x2b = input("name: ")
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