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I need to compare the same "PhoneNumber" attributes having the same "ID" for each element

      <Connect ID="ID1" PhoneNumber="453585644878">
      <Connect ID="ID1" PhoneNumber="453585644878">
      <Connect ID="ID2" PhoneNumber="45655556658">
      <Connect ID="ID2" PhoneNumber="96685688787">
      <Connect ID="ID3" PhoneNumber="5766855577">
      <Connect ID="ID3" PhoneNumber="8565657787">
      <Connect ID="ID3" PhoneNumber="4565775235">
      <Connect ID="ID4" PhoneNumber="44545454545">

for example in , the first two connect equivalent phone numbers and in the other non-equivalent numbers.

What I have tried:

var xElementConnectiveList = xdoc.Descendants("List").Descendants("Connect ").ToList();

           var groupconnective = from xElementConnective in xElementConnectiveList
                                       group xElementConnective.Attribute("ID").Value by xElementConnective.Attribute("ID").Value into xElementConnectiveGroup
                                       orderby xElementConnectiveGroup.Key
                                       select xElementConnectiveGroup.Key;
Updated 23-Aug-22 4:19am

1 solution

Seems simple enough:
var connectElements = xdoc.Descendants("List").Descendants("Connect");

var groupedElements = from el in connectElements
                      group el by el.Attribute("ID").Value into g
                      select g;

foreach (IGrouping<string, XElement> group in groupedElements)
    var telephoneNumbers = new HashSet<string>(group.Select(el => el.Attribute("PhoneNumber").Value), StringComparer.Ordinal);
    if (telephoneNumbers.Count == 1)
        Console.WriteLine("{0}: All numbers match.", group.Key);
        Console.WriteLine("{0}: Found {1} different numbers.", group.Key, telephoneNumbers.Count);
ID1: All numbers match.
ID2: Found 2 different numbers.
ID3: Found 3 different numbers.
ID4: All numbers match.
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