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I am looking to resources and documentation that help me to build an SDK from scratch for my own projects, so I can later on give it to my customers to make changes on the core model without returning to me. The language I want to use is Angular and the IDE is Visual Studio Code.

I appreciate your help

What I have tried:

I searched online and what I got was not explain what I am looking for.
Updated 23-Aug-22 22:36pm

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It is impossible to answer such a generalised question. The SDK will be dependent on the system you are creating and the interface that you want to provide to the users. The choice of language is secondary and should not matter to the users. Is this to be a simple library that users will use to access some local system, or a remotely accessed web or REST service?
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The Omani Chef 24-Aug-22 6:35am    
Thank you Richard for your answer. Sorry I am new in this and I don't have knowledge. Let's assume I want to build eTendering platform, I will use Angular, node js, express js and postgreSQL. Then I will give it to customer with the ability to change in platform using my SDK. That's why I want to build my own SDK. I am not sure about this. If you have any suggestion or references that give me a good understanding to SDK will be great.
Richard MacCutchan 24-Aug-22 11:55am    
Sorry, but this forum is for specific technical questions. Your query is not something that can be answered here, it is more a research and design issue. Furthermore, since we have no information on the system you are developing we cannot possibly help to design an SDK.

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