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I've been trying to follow this tutorial for a multiple image uploader:

It seems that at some point the template for a Blazor project combined Startup.cs and Program.cs into Program.cs.

The tutorial wants me to add this code to Program.cs:

<pre lang="C#"><pre>public IConfiguration Configuration { get; }

var cs = Configuration.GetConnectionString("FileUploadDbContext");

AsyncServiceScope.AddDbContext<FileUploadDbContext>(option => option.UseSqlServer(cs));

However I get the following errors:

Error	CS0116	A namespace cannot directly contain members such as fields, methods or statements	MultipleFileUpload	C:\Users\will.sewell\source\repos\MultipleFileUpload\MultipleFileUpload\Program.cs	15	Active

Error	CS0103	The name 'Configuration' does not exist in the current context	MultipleFileUpload	C:\Users\will.sewell\source\repos\MultipleFileUpload\MultipleFileUpload\Program.cs	17	Active

Error	CS0117	'AsyncServiceScope' does not contain a definition for 'AddDbContext'	MultipleFileUpload	C:\Users\will.sewell\source\repos\MultipleFileUpload\MultipleFileUpload\Program.cs	19	Active

What I have tried:

I've tried adding a namespace to Program.cs but don't think that's what I should be doing.

I've tried IConfiguration.GetConnectionString instead of Configuration.GetConnectionString and i've also tried it as System.Configuration.

Also I can't seem to add links correctly. If you copy the link out it works but if you just click on it, it comes back to this question.

Any help/ advice would be appreciated.
Updated 24-Aug-22 1:52am

1 solution

Yep, YT video is pretty straight forward to follow. You have timestamped the code to be added to the Startup.cs file. The ConnectionString is for connecting to a database.

If you follow the video exactly, it should work fine.

Also, check out Blazor University – Learn the .NET SPA framework from Microsoft[^] - it is great for those starting out and a reference for those who are already working with Blazor.
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Will Sewell 24-Aug-22 9:01am    
Thank you Graeme. I'll definitely be using Blazor University.

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