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im getting this error in flask - ERROR in app: Exception on / [GET]

What I have tried:

from flask import Flask, render_template
app = Flask(__name__)

posts = [
    'author': 'Corey Schafer', 
     'title': 'Blog Post 1',
     'content': 'First post content',
     'date_posted': 'April 20, 2018'
   } ,
     'author':'Jane Doe',
     'title':'Blog Post 2',
     'content':'Second post content',
     'date_posted':'April 21,2018'

def home():
    return render_template('home.html', posts=posts)
def about():
     return render_template('about.html')
if __name__=="__main__":   
<pre lang="Python">
Updated 24-Aug-22 6:20am
Richard Deeming 24-Aug-22 12:02pm    
You'll need to get the actual exception details to have any hope of solving the problem. At the moment, all you've got is a generic "something went wrong" error, which tells you nothing.

Use the Flask debugger to debug your code so you can get the actual exception details.
Aalam Pratap Bedi 25-Aug-22 2:17am    
Hey, 1st of all thanks for trying to help me to find a solution. I have tried to check errors in python code and the code seems to be without any errors. I am not sure what to do next. Kindly help.if required, i can provide you my html file code as well.
Richard Deeming 25-Aug-22 3:44am    
If the code was without errors, then you wouldn't be getting the "ERROR in app: Exception on / [GET]" message.

As I said, you need to get the actual details of the exception to stand any chance of solving it.
Aalam Pratap Bedi 25-Aug-22 7:44am    
I'll try to find the details of the error.Thanks once again.
Aalam Pratap Bedi 26-Aug-22 0:55am    
I think im able to find the actuall error. Kindly help me to solve this error. im posting a new question in which i will provide the code of my html file as well

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