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#reference Attack on titan
Throughout history 9 legendary titans have existed. These titans are: Founding, Attack, Armored, Colossal, Female, Cart, Jaw, Beast and Warhammer. A titan shifter gets access to another titan shifter’s power through devouring them.
Within the last 200 years, there have been many battles among the titans and the titan powers have switched hands many times. Your job is to find out the latest wielders of the titans.
You have two dictionaries below which you must copy directly onto your code. The first dictionary shows who eats whom and the second dictionary shows the original wielders of each of the titans.
Given Dictionaries:
titan_eaters= {"Eren Yeager": ["Grisha Yeager", "Lara Tybur"], "Grisha Yeager": ["Eren Kruger", "Frieda Reiss"], "Porco": ["Marcel"], "Marcel": ["Ymir"], "Falco": ["Porco"], "Armin": ["Pieck"], "Levi Ackerman": ["Zeke Yeager"], "Mikasa Ackerman": ["Levi", "Annie"], "Commander Erwin": ["Berethold"]}
original_titans= {"Founder": "Frieda Reiss", "Attack": "Eren Kruger", "Armored": "Reiner", "Colossal": "Berethold", "Female": "Annie", "Jaw": " Ymir", "Cart": "Pieck", "Warhammer": "Lara Tybur", "Beast": "Zeke Yeager"}
{"Eren Yeager": ["Founder", "Attack", "Warhammer"], "Falco": ["Jaw"], "Mikasa Ackerman": ["Beast", "Female"], "Commander Erwin": ["Colossal"], "Reiner": ["Armored"], "Armin": ["Cart"]}

What I have tried:

Python dictionary :
In order to solve this, I have tried key , velue method . [Note: dont worry. I didn’t provide any sopiler . Used fake spoilers and names as well
Updated 27-Aug-22 6:28am
The Other John Ingram 27-Aug-22 19:52pm    
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