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A generated sine sound data are stored in a byte array:

double SAMPLE_RATE = 44100.0;
		double AMPLITUDE = 32768.0;
		double timeSeconds= 10;
		int shortBufferSize= (int) (timeSeconds * SAMPLE_RATE);
		short[] shortBuf = new short[shortBufferSize];
		double dT= timeSeconds / shortBufferSize;
		for (int tIx= 0; tIx < shortBufferSize; tIx++)
		  double time= tIx * dT;
		  double sinValue= Math.sin(2.0 * Math.PI * hz * time);
		  shortBuf[tIx]= (short)(AMPLITUDE * sinValue);
	    byte[] byte_array = new byte[2 * shortBufferSize];
	    for (int i = 0; i < shortBuf.length; ++i)
			byte_array[2*i] = (byte)shortBuf[i];
            byte_array[2*i+1] = (byte) (shortBuf[i] >> 8);

and is played this way:

AudioFormat af = new AudioFormat(44100, 16, 1, true, false);
		SourceDataLine sdl = AudioSystem.getSourceDataLine (af); (af);
		sdl.start ();
		sdl.write (byte_array, 0, byte_array.length);
		sdl.drain ();

how to convert it from mono to stereo, the reason is I want to actually give different data for per channel like this:

byte[] byte_array_left = new byte[2 * shortBufferSize];

byte[] byte_array_right = new byte[2 * shortBufferSize];

does this need to be converted or just a change in the code can do it

What I have tried:

there are some codes online that offer converting from mono to stereo and stereo to mono but did not have the option to actually manipulate per channel's data.
Updated 30-Aug-22 19:18pm

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