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I have a program that opens a website in a WebBrowser control, and in it the elements aren't fine, also not all features of the site work as it tells me "xyz is not supported in this browser", so I think the browser in the WebBrowser control is IE not Edge.

What I have tried:

public System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser webBrowserMain;
Updated 5-Sep-22 4:05am

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FierceLion 5-Sep-22 5:46am    
Thx but this shows or changes the version of IE, I already made it int.MaxValue I think, but I want to change the browser in the WebBrowser control's type from IE to Edge.
Richard MacCutchan 5-Sep-22 7:07am    
The WebBrowser is a pre built control so I do not think that is an option. But check the documentation to be sure.
Google for "WebView2". You can get it from NuGet.
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FierceLion 5-Sep-22 10:22am    
I watched a video about it, he was working with xml, can I make this in Controls toolbox and drag it in my WinForm app like WebBrowser control many times? I know only C# and HTML, I need many instances of the browser control: one in each tab in Tab(s) Control, and I need things like Navigate and DocumentCompleted and webBrowser1.Document.Body.GetElementByID("input").Submit() and many stuff like that like the ones in the regular WebBrowser control, how hard do you asses the job is gonna be for me?
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Sep-22 10:24am    
How about you try it and find out. YOU are the only one who can answer your questions.
Richard Deeming 7-Sep-22 8:31am    
From a simple skim of the documentation, you can see that WebView2[^] works in WPF[^], Windows Forms[^], WinUI v2[^] and v3[^], and in native Win32[^] apps.

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